New cryptocurrency app BLOX even faster and simpler

After two years of development, Team BLOX has launched a new design for their app for anyone who wants to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With more than 25 different cryptocurrencies, BLOX offers many investment opportunities.

Faster and simpler
Wouter ter Halle, product owner at BLOX: ‘We have spoken to hundreds of users of the app about their wishes. The wish was always expressed for an app that is fast and reliable, so that seasoned traders can respond quickly to market shifts. But the app also needs to be simple, so that the threshold to start investing in bitcoins is low’.

Security was also considered during the development of BLOX. The app is a closed system, where the account is linked to a single bank account number. This means that if your phone is stolen, the coins and money can only be transferred to the user’s account’.

The new design
Users said they want an app that is clear and straightforward. The overview of all courses has been given a new lick of paint, as well as new features. Hold a coin longer and the coin will be added to your favourites. This way you can easily keep your own watchlist.

The course graphs have also been improved. Zoom in even further on the chart. Found a good time to buy or sell? Within a few seconds you can make a trade.

How your portfolio is displayed has also been tinkered with. View your portfolio in one overview, clearly distinguishing between your different coins. In the portfolio below bitcoin has been selected, making the orange part of the circle light up.

Earning money together
Ter Halle: ‘The social aspect has not been forgotten either, because what could be more fun than making money? Making money together. Users can give friends, family and colleagues 5 euros starting credit by sharing their own friend code. What’s more, the user receives a percentage when a friend does a trade’.

This is just the beginning, BLOX becomes even better and more comprehensive, without losing sight of the design principles of simplicity and speed. Download the app, and see for yourself which bold things are still on the schedule’.